Menu Feb 2015



Flying prawns                                          14

4 lightly fried crumbed butterflied prawns served with tartare and lemon


Pan fried scallops                                     13.50

140g of whole scallops pan fried in garlic butter and sweet

chilli and served with a side salad


Three little pigs                                        13.50

Three (not so little) sticky ribs coated in tangy smoked

manuka BBQ sauce


Shrimp cocktail                                        13.50

120g of baby shrimps mixed with our homemade seafood

sauce.  Served with a side salad


Prawn twisters                                         13.50

6 Prawn twisters served with sweet chilli sauce and a

wedge of lemon


Potato & leek soup                                     10

Served with garlic bread




Garlic bread

                                      5pc/ 8 | 10pc/13

Soft bread covered with our special garlic butter


Cheesy garlic bread

5pc/9.50 | 10pc/14.50

Soft garlic bread covered with sweet chilli and cheese




Beef & Lamb


Aged angus ribeye                                   27.50

Prime 240g ribeye steak grilled to your liking.  Served

with salad and fries or vegetables and your choice of sauce:

Bacon & Mushroom OR Peppercorn OR Garlic Butter


Kiwi mixed grill                                       27.50

150g steak, 2 sausages, eggs and bacon.  Served with

salad and fries


Beef schnitzel                                            23

Crumbed schnitzel golden fried and served with

Bacon & Mushroom sauce. Served with salad and fries


Tom shanks                 Double: 28.50   Single: 20.50

Slowly cooked NZ lamb shanks served with homemade mashed potato and topped with onion gravy


Juicy Lucy burger                                          18.50

250g beef patty served in a homemade jumbo bun with bacon, egg, tomato, cheese, lettuce and onion marmalade served with fries


Beef nachos                                           16.50

Crispy corn chips topped with chilli bean mince and

melted cheese with sour cream and a homemade salsa.


Steak sandwich                                    18.50

Tender steak with lettuce, tomato, onion marmalade and

melted cheese on homemade bread.  Served with fries




Pastry dishes


Mediterranean Chicken filo                           18

Tender chicken breast marinated in coconut cream

stuffed with mango chutney, cream cheese and wrapped

in filo pastry.  Served with salad and fries.




Tuscan chicken breast                                        23

Grilled Chicken breast topped with cheese. With a generous portion of fresh Tuscan salsa.  Served with creamy potato mash


Chicken schnitzel                                       20

Crumbed chicken breast golden fried and served with

Salad and fries or vegetables and your choice of Sauce:

Apricot OR Peppercorn OR Garlic Butter


Creamy chicken pasta                                        17

Fresh chicken in a creamy sauce with penne pasta

topped with shaved parmesan.  Served with garlic bread

Add bacon 2.50    Add mushrooms 2.50


Chicken burger                                               16.50

120g of chicken breast in a homemade burger bun with

aioli, lettuce, tomato and cheese and served with fries




Chatham Island blue cod

250g of Chatham Island blue cod  Served withBlue cod   poached or battered                      29

salad and fries or vegetables



Fishermans catch                                             27

100g of fresh golden battered fish, 2 scallops, 2 prawns.

Served with salad and fries or vegetables



Crumbed sole                                                   19.50

Fresh NZ Sole lightly crumbed and golden fried.  Served

with salad and fries





BBQ pork spare ribs                             27.50

Half rack of fresh pork ribs, coated with our tangy

smoked manuka BBQ sauce


Pork belly                                                           24

Pork belly with crackling and a homemade caramelised

apple sauce served with vegetables


Traditional roast pork                            21

Roast pork served with potato, vegetables,

homemade gravy and apple sauce


Bangers & mash                              16.50

3 tasty pork sausages served over homemade

mashed potato topped with onion gravy


Salads & Vegetarian


Bangkok beef salad                                 17.50

100g of ribeye steak, pre marinated in Thai peanut sauce grilled and served over a bed of fresh salad


Chicken salad                                        17.50

Grilled chicken strips with smoked bacon and caramelised apricot served on a bed of garden fresh salad


Vegetarian nachos                                15.50

Crispy corn chips topped with melted cheese chilli beans, vegetable and mushroom mix, tomato puree, sour cream and homemade salsa


Vegetarian pasta                                      16

Penne pasta served in a tomato sauce with a vegetable and mushroom mix topped with shaved parmesan and garlic bread




Lambs fry & bacon                               17.50 

With Pineacres homemade mash potato and vegetables



All day breakfast                                  17.50

Traditional kiwi breakfast. 2 sausages, 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 hash browns, toasted bread and tomato.


Add bacon 2.50 Add sausage 2.50 Add sautéed mushrooms 5

Grilled Tomato 2.50    Hash Brown 2.50




Chocolate mousse cake                      10

Homemade chocolate mousse on a crunchy sponge base


Strawberry cheesecake                      10

Homemade cheesecake with a light crunchy biscuit base


Warm chocolate brownie                   10

Warm chocolate brownie served with ice cream and

Chocolate sauce


Vanilla baked cheesecake                      10

Homemade baked cheesecake with cream and berry coulis


Hot apple pie                                      10

Homemade hot apple pie served with ice cream


Banoffee pie                                       10

A biscuit base topped with banana and toffee cream


Sticky date pudding                          10

A homemade sticky date pudding served with ice-cream


Ice cream sunday                               8

Vanilla ice cream served with cream and your choice of chocolate, raspberry or caramel sauce